20 February 2013

Getting started with Hudson Continuous Integration

This documents my first attempt to use Hudson for building preview and release versions of a .Net ClickOnce application. The version control system is CVS.

Install Hudson

Download Hudson from eclipse.org/hudson (currently 3.0)

Install a cvs client e.g. cvsnt

Drop the war file in tomcat (I'm using v7)

Add 'set "HUDSON_HOME=d:\HUDSON"' to tomcat's startup.bat. This is where all the build configurations and workspaces are saved so there needs to be enough space.

Start Hudson and install the recommended plugins

Install plugins: Manage Hudson->Plugins. Need MSBuild, CVS, CVS-Tag

Configure Hudson

Create a job

My approach is to debug and test the application locally. Only when I want to create a preview/stage or production version do I need Hudson. Hudson should do a build and publish. When successful, a new CVS tag should be created.

The following job settings do not contain any deploy location information (stage/prod). The job always publishes to a temp location on D:. I want to change this later.

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