08 February 2011

I18n in RAP. What a chore!

I18n is bad enough, but in RAP there is even more typing to do :-(

You need to create a Messages class and add a public field for every string you need to translate. You then have to create a properties file for each language and add the texts. The convention for key names is Classname_fieldname.

For example:

public String MyView_controltext;

MyView_controltext = Hello World


I made life a liitle easier by adding a template. Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Templates -> New...
Name = msg (or whatever you like)
Pattern = Messages.get().${enclosing_type}_${cursor}

Now I can just type 'msg' <Ctrl>+Space and I get most of what I need.

I can also recommend the Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor at http://sourceforge.net/projects/eclipse-rbe/.

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