09 February 2011

RAP: First deploy to WebSphere

It didn't work first time but it didn't take too long to get the first results. This is what I did.

  • Ensure RAP WAR Products feature installed -- http://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/Equinox_WAR_products
  • Create a new WAR Product Configuration in the plugin project. New -> Other... -> Plugin Development
  • Select parent folder, name the product and choose the lauch configuration
  • Open the WAR product file and enter an ID and Name
  • On the configuration page add the JARs used by the project
  • Return to the Overview page and select Validate
  • If necessary, add the missing plugins or JARs
  • Start the export wizard and enter the name of the output file. Press Finish.
  • The WAR file has now been exported
  • Open the Websphere Integrated Solutions Console
  • Create new Application Server. I called it RAP_TEST.
  • I had to modify a few ports because the defaults clashed with other App Servers
  • Install new Enterprise Application and enter the name of the WAR file
  • Accept all defaults and enter a context root such as /apps/rap
  • Finish
  • Might need to sync nodes etc but should now work
  • <servername>/apps/rap/fair?startup=fair (in my case)
So, my app kind of works. Unfortunately, the whole branding is missing so there are no images, styles etc. When I find the cause, I'll post more here.

Missing images problem

I set up a simple Tomcat server to check that it wasn't a WAS problem. I then noticed that there was an exception in the logs. Something to do with Jetty and an 'Address already in use' bind error. I was surprised that Jetty would be active on the Tomcat server so I checked my plugin dependencies. In the end I removed all the dependencies and added the 'Required plugins'. That seemed to cure the problem. After redeploying, there were no Jetty exceptions and I get the images which were missing.

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