18 January 2011

First simple app in RAP

Got my first simple RAP application running. I used the RAP Mail template to get started and have 2 views: one for navigation and the other to show details of the selection. The application I'm working on is for trade fair management.

There is still a lot of 'mail' stuff visible which I haven't been able to get rid of yet but here are a few things I did to customize the example.

  • Refactor packages and classes to better reflect the application e.g. all 'mail' changed to 'fair'
  • plugin.xml -> Extensions -> ...ui.branding. Changed 'servletName' from 'mail' to 'fair'
  • plugin.xml -> Extensions -> ...ui.entrypoint. Changed 'parameter' from 'mail' to 'fair'
The default branding is not to my taste at all. This will be something to look at soon but seems to be quite extensive.
The packaged examples are worth looking at. Locate 'org.eclipse.rap.design.example' and 'org.eclipse.rap.demo' in the Plug-ins view and then Import As -> Source project.

I find these a very useful reference and used a number of items from org.eclipse.rap.demo.controls.TableViewerTab for my navigation view.

As I don't like the branding I edited the plug-in to remove the template's branding and replaced it with a default.

And the application now looks quite different.

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