17 January 2011

Installing RAP

This is my first post on the subject of RAP (Rich Ajax Platform for eclipse). I want to document my progress as I delve into RAP and attempt to produce a full-size, real-world application.

Here are the steps I took to install RAP and get the first simple app running:
  • Download the RAP package from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ (select Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers)
  • Extract the zip file to a location of your choice
  • Start eclipse.exe
  • When prompted for a workspace path enter, for example, D:\Workspaces\RAP
  • When eclipse has started, the welcome page is displayed. Click on the 'Overview' icon and then on the 'Rich Ajax Platform (RAP)' link. 
  • Select the 'Install Target Platform' link and follow the instructions. At the time of writing, this step has to be performed. If you do not perform this action the projects will contain 100s of errors such as 'import org.eclipse.* not found'. If you forget this step you can get back to the Welcome page using Help -> Welcome.
  • You should now have a new target platform. To double-check, view the preferences: Window -> Preferences -> Plug-in Development -> Target Platform. There should be a Rich Ajax Platform (active) target
  • Create a new plugin project. File -> New -> Project... -> Plug-in Development -> Plug-in Project
  • Enter the name of the project and select 'Next'.
  • There is no need to change anything on the 'Content' dialog. Select 'Next'.
  • Choose a RAP template e.g. RAP Mail Template and select 'Finish'.
  • The project has been created and there should also be a new Run/Debug configuration. See Run -> Run Configurations... There should be a new configuration in the 'RAP Application' section. Select it and click on 'Run'.
  • The browser tab should now open and adter a few seconds the application will be visible.
This completes the first post. I hope there will be more to follow.

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