17 January 2011

RAP: First difficulties - how to define a database connection

I have been working on J2EE projects for many years and am used to defining resouces such as DB connections in the EAR project. The connection is picked up at runtime using a JNDI lookup. Scripts are used to modify the actual connection details depending on the target environment: test, stage, production etc.

So how should this be done in RAP? At the end of the day it will also be a J2EE application and we will want to deploy to one of a number of target systems. How well will it integrate in our existing deployment system?

After a lot of head scratching I decided to adopt the pragmatic (impatient) approach and bunged the DB2 jar into the project just so that I could get on with the interesting stuff.

As soon as I find a better approach (there had better be one!) I will post again here.


Howto access backend services from RAP application?

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